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      Environmental and infrastructure planning and design consulting

      SWISSWATER has been active in Nanchang since 2015 and develops concrete consulting and planning work for the following clients in the areas of water protection and hydraulic engineering:

      • Nanchang Water (NWIC) - Development of an action plan to improve the water quality of the Fuhe-Suoyixia (sewage treatment plants, handling of mixed system areas, mixed water discharge).
      • Honggutan District - The heart of the southern part of the new urban district is an artificial lake with an area of 3.5 km². The project included the development of a master concept for water exchange in the lake, monitoring of the cleanest tributaries, treatment of rainwater for water discharge and near-natural hydraulic engineering.
        In the northern part of the district, the project planning and realisation of rainwater overflows as well as the optimisation of the overall system of canals and the WWTP were carried out with the aim of minimising the pollution load in the Wusha.
      • Xihu District - In this district SWISSWATER was involved in the design and construction of a rainwater overflow basin in the inner city and central park, including the removal of sludge from the lake bottom and canal maintenance. In the southern part of the district, the master plan for the rehabilitation of the artificial river system (black water, wrong connections, capacity bottlenecks on the WWTP) was optimised.
      • Ganjiang New District - In this district SWISSWATER developed the master concept for the water regulation of a lake that is under construction. In addition, there was the project planning and construction of a rainwater overflow basin, pollution load calculations for the detection of pollution sources, and optimisation of existing road drainage planning at neuralgic points in the district.

      In all projects, employees are regularly on site at all project stages in order to ensure that the essential specialist knowledge is incorporated right up to the implementation stage. In Nanchang SWISSWATER always seeks dialogue in intensive technical discussions with engineers and political decision-makers.

      The aim is to transfer know-how based on many years of experience in water protection and hydraulic engineering and modern Swiss standards.

      Services provided by SWISSWATER AG for the projects in Nanchang:

      • Design, plan correction and construction supervision of centralised road waste water treatment plants.
      • Design, planning correction and construction supervision of rainwater overflow basins.
      • Design, planning correction and construction supervision of storm water overflows.
      • Conceptual planning and detailed project planning for sponge city objects and road drainage.
      • Consulting and preparation of overall concepts for the containment of water pollution. These contain many different points: Calculation of waste water accumulation in the settlement area, solution approaches for eliminating wrong connections, capacity calculations in the sewer network including pumping stations and sewage treatment plants, implementation of rainwater overflows and retention volumes.
      • Consulting and conceptual planning in flood protection.
      • Consulting and conceptual planning in near-natural hydraulic engineering.
      • Development of new concepts for natural and artificial watercourses in settlement areas. The concepts include reservoir and supply water quality, water quantity and flood protection, locks and pumps, reduction of water pollution.
      • Concept for the improvement of operation and maintenance of the sewerage network.
      • Cost-benefit assessment of planned measures: SWISSWATER assessed the planned measures in terms of their effectiveness. Expensive and ineffective measures were postponed or cancelled so that the existing financial resources could be used to implement measures with a major effect on water protection.