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      Sewage sludge treatment in Jining, province of Shandong

      Hydrothermal Carbonization demonstration plant in China

      The sludge from wastewater treatment plants in China is generally dewatered and disposed in landfills. However, given that the amount of space in landfills is limited, the Chinese Government is demanding new solutions.

      In response, Beijing Aquatic Park Co., the largest WWTP operator in China, is working with HOLINGER Hydro-Thermal Carbonisation to evaluate a new promising solution for sludge treatment in China.

      This technique allows the conversion of the sludge into charcoal which can be used as CO2 neutral fuel or as soil conditioner. In a process that operates at 180°C and 35 bar, the Jining HTC plant will convert sludge from 500’000 p.e. into approx. 7’000 t of easily dewaterable biochar. (14’000 tonnes/year in Phase 1)

      Special features:

      This is the first such project to be built at this scale. So the main challenges were to:

      • Convince the facility owner and operator about the advantages of this new technology
      • analyse the technical and commercial risk
      • find consumers for the charcoal
      • evaluate suitable suppliers of this new technology
      • evaluate investment costs and operation costs for a first HTC show-case in China

      Services provided by SWISSWATER AG:

      • Market analysis in China, evaluation of best supplier
      • Functional and technical specification of the plant
      • Feasibility study
      • Draft of contract between BAP and supplier of the demonstration plant
      • Setting up a set of tests to illustrate the advantage of the HTC-process
      • Coordination of know-how transfer
      • Commissioning and start-up acceptance