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      Clear Lake Project Dianchi Kunming

      Wastewater and Drainage

      The provincial capital Kunming is situated in a touristically attractive landscape on Lake Dianchi. The metropolis with more than 4 million inhabitants as well as farming and industry pollute the lake which is strongly eutrophic. In May 2009, the city of Kunming mandated the joint venture HOLINGER - SWISSWATER to develop a comprehensive concept for the rehabilitation of the lake.

      Services provided by SWISSWATER AG:

      Phase 1

      • In cooperation with our Chinese partner, the actual situation was monitored. Impacts from the sewage system, from industrial plants and agriculture were assessed. The result of this investigation is a pollutant balance sheet listing all major pollutant sources. This balance was the basis for a comprehensive action plan with priorities and recommendations.

      Phase 2

      • Review of wastewater and drainage Detailed Control Plans (= General / Master Planning) of six project areas in the city centre of Kunming.
      • Review report incl. proposed measures to enhance quality. Elaboration of guiding document (ToR) for the elaboration of detailed control plans in Kunming, support for defining sewer concept (combined / separate system) for one project area incl. elaboration of adequate documentation, capacity building of the client and local planning institutes in conceptual planning.

      Phase 3

      • Review and technical advice for the hydraulic and engineering design of 17 combined water retention tanks in the centre of Kunming with an overall retention capacity of approx. 200’000 m3.
      • Evaluation of Kunming rainfall data, WWTP capacities, assessment of impact of retention tanks on WWTP purification performance.
      • Project management and technical support of the local engineers for the elaboration of the detailed control plan of the Eastern Part according to the elaborated ToR in Phase 2.
      • Enhance operation & maintenance capacities of the utility in charge: assessment of existing organisation, finance, capacities and equipment. Proposal for institutional strengthening, capacity building and further required equipment.
      • Advice on sludge collection, treatment and disposal in the sewer system.