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To improve your environmental balance sheet, you can benefit from our experience in optimizing internal production processes. If you need an industrial wastewater treatment plant, we will find suitable solutions.


In reducing production sites emissions, the minimization of adverse odours and, in particular, the treatment of exhaust air are important factors. Tackling exhaust air with scrubbers, trickling filters, biofilters and activated charcoal is an essential aspect of the industrial wastewater treatment plants implemented by us. To recover valuable materials, we employ gas exchange methods as well as various other processes.


If a wastewater treatment plant should prove necessary, our specialized staff shall be ready to support you. Considering all the aspects of the process, we examine every possibility to reduce disposal costs – be it by pre- or by entire treatment. We have sophisticated and longtime experience in designing and implementation of treatment plants for process water in various industrial sectors.


Der effiziente Umgang mit Rohstoffen und Energie ist bedeutend, damit industrielle Produktionen rentieren. Unsere Ingenieure und Chemiker arbeiten zusammen, um die Randbedingungen Ihrer Produktion und die Effizienz Ihrer Infrastruktur zu analysieren. Wir erarbeiten individuell angepasste Lösungen für die Abwasser-, Abluft- und Entsorgungstechnik. Wir beraten Kunden nicht nur bei der Suche nach Sofortmassnahmen bei Betriebsproblemen, sondern entwickeln zudem rentablere oder effizientere Anlagen.


Our process engineers test and optimize individual water treatment processes through laboratory methods. For the analysis of critical limiting conditions in planning plants, we perform semi-technical pilot test runs, such as nanofiltration, reverse osmosis or exhaust air treatment. In doing so, we make use of our fermentation test pilot plant container. In cooperation with various research institutions, we are further developing specific purification processes.