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All our designs and production processes are closely linked to the environment. Mindful of interests and regulations, we can offer the best possible solutions.


Community and industrial waste and recycling management is a logistic, financial, environmental and social challenge. To master the task, we conceive, plan and realize client-centred solutions. We show how to dispose of the different types of waste and how to handle recyclables, while always keeping a keen eye on cost-efficiency and resource protection.


Contaminated sites can cause unexpected costs and long construction delays. In such fields as preliminary investigations, monitoring or remediation, we can offer interdisciplinary know-how, are familiar with legal rules and regulations and have long-time experience in working with local authorities. In urgent situations, e.g., when contaminated soil is discovered during excavations, our environmental laboratory can offer express services.


How high should sewer charges be? How much should a manufacturing company pay for wastewater treatment? How much do communities pay to wastewater associations? Should storm water discharged into the sewer systems be subjected to a fee? To these and other questions concerning environmental financing, we can provide the answers. We have our own equipment for wastewater sampling, are greatly experienced in forecasting long-term costs and can conduct model calculations.


Do you assume or expect your premises or buildings to be polluted with asbestos materials or PCBs? We are officially authorized designers and experts for making inventories, assessments and planning measures. We take records and develop restoration measures – our particular strength lies in preparing specialized restoration tasks and monitoring their implementation.


Risk and security are central issues for industrial companies and wastewater treatment or waste combustion plants. Our incident reports localize the risks and show practical ways for the enhancement of security. A more comprehensive tool is our detailed how-to-cope-withincidents documentation. This practice focussed guideline determines in case of fires, explosions, floods or other disasters the emergency measures to be taken, priorities to be set as well as the warning and rescue plans.


As technical practitioners for environmental projects, we have comprehensive experience in authoring detailed environmental impact reports, e.g., on waste management facilities, road construction projects or industrial applications. We offer customized solutions and are experienced in working with local authorities, thus being able to guarantee short-term and efficient licensing procedures. As your environmental construction supervisor, we can also give you substantial support in the implementation stage.